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Visit Faroe Islands Meetings introduces the most important sports, the leaders and acknowledgements to create context for all meeting planners involved in sport events.

Visit Faroe Islands’ 2019 campaign promotes the business potential and strong industries as well as collective interest of the Faroe Islands relevant for global commercial or scientific communities. Case studies and portraits of experts and introductions of the special knowledge locally available, showcase the impressive efforts of the small nation about how passion, vision, engagement and efforts can put a tiny society on a level playing field with much larger nations.

There are many interesting stories about the Faroe Islands, their remote location, their unique nature, people, traditions, food and many more. Now the different aspects of knowledge and business ad to that magic spell and provide reason and inspiration for international meeting planners to hold their conferences on the islands.

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Here is a summary of the most popular sport initiatives and engagements:

  • The Faroe Islands are a Role Model for successful Community Sport Activities!

Despite being a rather small society of only around 50.000 inhabitants on 18 islands, there is a variety of different sport associations and many clubs and teams-ambitious international engagements are driven by both politics and the local sport fans. The Faroe Islands have started a campaign to be recognized as an independent Nation to compete in the Olympic Games.

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Video of VFIM Ambassador Virgar Hvidbro, GS Football Association 


  • Government Investments in Sport Infrastructure

106 million EURO investment between 2002 and 2025 includes new National Stadium, 50m pool, athletics track and golf course. As part of its ongoing ambition to strengthen sport development on the Faroe Islands and gain Olympic recognition, the Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee (FCSOC) has outlined the country’s plans for significant investment in sports infrastructure.

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  • The swimming association of the Faroe Islands

Rókur í Jákupsstovu is the President of the Swimming Association, and he is also an Ambassador for Visit Faroe Islands meetings. During the last Ambassador Day in Tórshavn he mentioned that International Swimming Champions are more and more attracted to come to the Faroe Islands to train there in peace and with focus. With a new pool project having been recently confirmed by the government, there will be even better training conditions in the future.

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  • The football association of the Faroe Islands

The Faroese Football Association has been a member of FIFA since 1988 and a member of UEFA since 1990. The memberships naturally meant that the national team could compete in the qualification rounds for the European and the World Championships.

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  • Research about Football is Medicine

This is about actively playing football and about the consequences and impact this particular activity can have on health issues. We talk about the importance of sports in general to the people and the community of the Faroe Islands and what special knowledge and excellence has developed in the medicine and health sector, based on the different sports being practised on the Faroe Islands.

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  • Announcement for the Bridge Festival 2020

 The second (2nd) Tórshavn Bridgefestival is to be held in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, from 06.03.2020 to 07.03.2020. The tournament’s 2019 edition was a full success, so now it is time for the international Bridge community to take the opportunity to come to the Faroe Islands for the second one.

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  • Announcement for the Football is Medicine conference 2020

The conference 2020 will be held at the Faculty of Health Science at the University of the Faroe Islands, in Tórshavn the capital of the Faroe Islands. Tórshavn is the cultural and administrational center of the Faroe Islands named after Thor, the god of thunder from Norse mythology.

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  •  Volleyball: How sports engagements help to bring new events to a destination!

The Faroese Volleyball Federation has done a massive job — all volunteering — hosting international cups and sending teams abroad to international cups as well as with introducing volleyball to the kids. It has organized for several years major international tournaments in the Faroe Islands.

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More about the knowledge clusters and the related content marketing campaign of Visit Faroe Islands Meetings https://www.tmf-dialogue.net/unordinary-ideas-arrive-in-unordinary-places-new-campaign-visit-faroe-islands-meetings.html

The next round of stories will cover business with and from the surrounding ocean, as well as sweet water management and other sustainable projects.