In case you missed it: The Vágur Formula PART I

The Vágur Formula PART II — mind-changing projects started with “Build that Man a Pool”

Vágur’s transformation continued with the ambitious project of a pool, and not just a pool but to  “Build that Man a Pool”. Who is that Man? Vágur’s local hero is Pál Joensen, a swimming champion winning several medals for the Faroe Islands at World and European Championships.

The young man had his training in a 25 m pool in Vágur, so what was now decided, was to build a 50 m pool for Pál in 2013 — for him to have better training conditions and to built up new talent in general.

The community made this “their” own project by all helping together and committing time, material, knowledge and passion — that new pool for Pál became the towns project!

That way the actual building costs came up to only approx. 25 % of the regular costs! The new possibilities from the Pál Hall Swimming Pool project kick-started the community spirit to a whole new level.  Pál’s Hall is the Faroe Islands first 50 m swimming pool and it attracts now even international swimming stars to come to Vágur and train there — in a stunning natural environment and a tranquil atmosphere.

That Man’s Pool is attracting new people – in tourism and for training camps – and thus creating new jobs!

More on the ambitious efforts of the Faroe Islands Swimming Association here.

Lifted by this new spirit, the next project for the people of Vágur to throw their energy and willpower into, was a new multi-purpose hall, size 50 × 75 m put into operation in January 2018. Also, a pioneering step — it is the first hall with indoor facilities for football, athletics and climbing — creating the best possible training options for the younger generations and locals in all the Faroe Islands.

An example of an outstanding activity enabled by this Sport Hall was the School Soccer Tournament for primary and secondary schools in 2019 — a big success where approx. 30% of all pupils in the country participated ! The tournament was nominated for  UEFA’s Grassroots programme in 2019.

And a third example for the motivation of the community to move on, is the “Sports High school” which established a new education altogether! Being the first Sports Folk High school in the Faroe Islands it was started in 2016 with 15 pupils and developed to providing space for 42 pupils in August 2018 (100 signed up).

The available dates for 2020 (post-Corona) will be the autumn semesters and they are expected to be “full” again.

The new Sports Highschool also creates new jobs and in-movers to Vágur, which today has 1.350 inhabitants

New facilities for the Sports High school are planned in near futurel: a new dormitory will be finished late in 2020, with room for 72 pupils. In the summer months when no students are there (the school year of the Sports Highschool runs from August to December and from January to June), the dormitory and the facilities of the school including teachers can also be used for groups for training camps or corporate groups. The new building is exciting and creates a new “local landmark” — good news, hmm?

Photo courtesy @Dennis Holm

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