Vilnius-based biology products developer and producer, Thermo Fisher Baltics, was awarded the Shingo Prize for operational excellence in lean management. The Shingo Prize is presented by the Shingo Insitute of the Utah State University and was named the “Nobel Prize” of manufacturing by Business Weekly in 2000.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics, part of the largest company in the world catering to the scientific industry – Thermo Fisher Scientific, is the first Shingo Prize winner located within central and eastern Europe! The prize is extremely difficult to obtain – in the past 7 years, only 15 companies worldwide have been given the honor including Johnson & Johnson, Verizon and Boeing.

Preparation for this award spread over 4 years. The company based its organizational culture based on guidelines set by the Shingo Institute. After applying for the award, they wrote and submitted a detailed report which was followed by a visit by Shingo Insitute examiners for a 3-day audit. Following the audit, the examiners rewarded Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics a perfect 1,000 score!

Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics director general, Algimantas Markauskas, is not a new face in business. He was awarded the CEO of the Year award in 2015 by Verslo Žinios, a popular Lithuanian business journal. He notes that the Shingo Award was a great chance for the company to compare itself with global competitors. “We had top scores within Thermo Fisher Scientific, but if you want to know how you score globally, you must compare yourself with others, just like in sport. For three days the experts who visited the company observed our production and administration processes and talked to employees. These experts were vice-presidents of global leaders in the area of lean management, international operations managers, plus a university professor – very experienced people.”

Vilnius boasts local knowledge in a number of different sectors, not just limited to science in manufacturing. The Lithuanian capital is also a major hub for technology, finance and IT, among others.

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