Next month, on September 22, Rimini will host the Green Destinations Day as part of the IT.A.CÀ Festival of Responsible Tourism and the Global Green Destinations Days Initiative. This edition has been organized by the Centre for Advanced Tourism Studies (Bologna University, Rimini Campus) along with the Global Green Destinations Days Initiative and Strategic Plan of Rimini.

Rimini is a great location to discuss sustainable tourism, especially when you take the Palacongressi into account. We have discussed the Food for Good Initiative many times, in which the Palacongressi donates excess food to locals in need. The structure itself was built from eco-friendly materials. Take a look at Palacongressi di Rimini: Beauty, Technology, Flexibility, Sustainability for some more interesting information about the venue!

The IT.A.CA festival itself is groundbreaking, it is the first event of its kind! Since its first edition 8 years ago in Bologna, the event has grown to include over 200 organizations and many different Italian regions. Rimini is the Italian host city for the Global Green Destinations Day initiative.

During the festival, students, industry experts, and local residents of Rimini will be able to listen to a number of different speakers including Anna Montini, part of the Strategic Plan of Rimini and Simone Riccardi, founder of Ecobnb. The festival hopes to raise awareness about sustainable tourism within Italy and beyond, as well as helping destinations become greener. During the late afternoon, a forum will take place for students to ask experts about studying, research and future career opportunities in the field. After that in Rimini Innovation Square, experts will have a networking opportunity.

What a great event for Rimini to showcase their local knowledge in areas such as sustainability and green tourism!

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