If you visit IMEX Frankfurt as an event planner in the next few days, you must make space in your schedule to visit the stand of New Zealand at C300. The Business Events Team will present a unique hospitality concept around a special piece of art, symbolizing the warmth and attention extended to guests coming to the country! “The Table” is on its first stop in a tour around the world and stands for the traditional Maori hospitality which will be demonstrated to you in a new way.

The typical Maori way of treating guests adds a very special touch to any congress or event in New Zealand – that is why “The Table” is brought to you to demonstrate “live” what your experience can be.

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“The Table” is made from a 4000-year old piece of wood found in the swamps – Maori artists have spent 150 hours to carve the table and get it in the right shape before it went on its journey around the globe to be in Frankfurt on time for IMEX. “The Table” is part of a brandnew concept of Tourism New Zealand Business Events to showcase the traditional hospitality in New Zealand – its purpose at IMEX will be to assemble visitors together with a truly local host – the host will not be anyone from the Kiwi Team at IMEX, but someone local from New Zealand.

How this will be accomplished we won’t tell you here – you will have to come and find out by yourself!

International Media have also the opportunity to experience the making-off of “The Table” during the press conference of New Zealand on Wednesday, May 16 at 11.15. More information and link to registration here by following this link.

Open slots for visitors to participate in the demonstration are:

  • Tuesday, 15th May 11:30
  • Tuesday, 15th May 14:30
  • Wednesday, 16th May 15:30
  • Thursday, 17th May 10:00
  • Thursday, 17th May 10:30
  • Thursday, 17th May 12:30
  • Thursday, 17th May 14:00

Or set up an appointment with the Kiwi Team to discuss your plans for an event in New Zealand.

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