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Sport events and conferences can be very effective to showcase both the sport and the hosting destination.

Sports events bring new guests and spectators who can be turned into destination ambassadors.

In the Faroe Islands both government and people are particularly strong engaged in many sports disciplines and research on sports, e.g. football. A strong campaign works on being acknowledged as an Olympic Nation, as so many extraordinary athletes and teams come from the Faroe Islands.

The Sports Cluster has been introduced to the international meetings community to inspire meeting planners and initiate more conferences and events in the islands. Please find a summary list of themes below.

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The Faroe Islands are a role model for successful community sport activities

18,000 Faroese people are members of sports clubs (from a total population of around 51.000!), which are driven and overseen by the FCSOC, the Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee. FCSOC holds a number of memberships in International Federations and is the driving force for the transformation and investment in grass roots and community sport in recent years.


Sport is of great importance to community and politics


Major investments in sport facilities

The Faroe Islands, which self-fund all sport on the islands has invested  51 million Euro in sporting facilities since 2002.
Across its 18 islands, there are currently 20 sports halls, 18 pools (including a 50m), two athletics tracks, 22 full scale football pitches and more than 100 FIFA pitches (smaller pitches with artificial grass) to serve the population of 51,000.


Football is Medicine on the Faroe Islands

This is about actively playing football and about the consequences and impact this particular activity can have on health issues.

One great example for local expertise and engagement in the Faroe Islands is the research on “Football is Medicine”. During the past 12 years the internationally renowned physiologists Professor Peter Krustrup (Denmark) and Professor Magni Mohr (Faroe Islands) and their teams have researched the positive health impacts of Football Fitness. That is health football.


…. And some more about football in the Faroe Islands

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and last – by no means least …..

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