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Innovation paired with reliability and expertise - tmf dialogue marketing matches smart multi-channel communication and marketing with excellent contacts in the meetings, convention and tourism markets of Europe and India.

Unique tools help managing complexity and professional content handling ensures relevance.

Two decades of success, a highly motivated team and strong sales focus ensure business results and leads in line with targets.    
All content and pr service is provided in co-operation with piranha content & pr,
a professional media and content agency


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Blog: Learning from #TheExperientialPlanner and #IndianMICE

This blog strives to echoe the voice of the experiential planner's community in India, essentially the experts creating trends in the Indian MICE industry. In my role as Head-Brand & Content of two of the most active and updated media/marketing platforms of the MICE industry in India -- tmf India and EVENTFAQS, my advantage is the ease in access and the constant updates I receive from the MICE … weiterlesen >>>

7 Erkenntnisse für erfolgreiches Content Marketing

Seit über vier Jahren produzieren die beiden Schwesteragenturen tmf dialogmarketing GmbH und piranha presse & pr GmbH für ihre Kunden dynamischen Content in Wort und Bild auf unterschiedlichen Kanälen - hauptsächlich in den Bereichen MICE und Tourismus. Mit einem ausgeklügelten Kommunikationssystem lassen sich nützliche Quellen einfach und effizient im Web identifizieren und filtern. Aus … weiterlesen >>>

Getting globalisation and content right

During the recently concluded IMEX in Frankfurt, I was asked to share my views on ‘globalisation’ as part of the IMEX education programme.  I don’t consider myself an expert on this, but I thought about the challenges we face in our office in India; to find a new approach that fits the needs of our Indian planners and how different the Indian market is from the European market. While this … weiterlesen >>>